Cancer horoscope meaning

The crab does not refer to crankiness or unhappy dispositions, although the Cancer is often accused of being moody. Yet, often in need of alone time, the Cancer will pull into the solitude of their shell for reflection and introspect.

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Just like a crab will shed its shell in order to get a new one, the Cancer is often changing, growing and renewing themselves. Rarely content to be still, the Cancer is a natural learner and likes to take on new things. Through the course of their lifetime, their personality will also grow and develop. Many Cancers are quite shy in early life, but as they grow and mature, they learn to come out of their shells a little more.

The Cancer is exceptionally loyal and steadfast, taking promises and confidentiality very seriously. This makes them wonderful friends, and usually the rock that others lean on for support. Cancers are natural homebodies. They crave close ties with family and although they can be outgoing and friendly, they have many acquaintances but only a select and privileged few people are truly considered friends.

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A Cancer is not likely to wear their heart on their sleeve. In fact, those who do not know them well think they are standoffish, distant and cold. Tensions may run high in your career, making it a good time to reassess your professional directions.

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Know which losses to cut so you can spend your energy on what will help you win. Pay attention to the communication issues that arise with family, children and creative partners. Cancer Season wants you to take better care of yourself. Give the daily rituals that heal you a little more time on your calendar. Keep your schedule a little more flexible than usual, as your days are likely to be jam-packed with important projects that are impossible to get done all at one.

Time is your most beloved commodity right now; treat it as such.

Cancer Zodiac Sign Characteristics and Personality Traits

Pay attention to the communication issues that arise with your friends, family members, and in regard to your writing projects. The feelings that money matters bring up will flood your system. Stay afloat by refusing to overspend financially or energetically.

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Keep perspective by reminding yourself of your value, worth, and gifts that no one but you have to bring to the world. The most persistent of your self-doubting patterns are also portals into your greatest transformations. Pay attention to the communication issues that arise with friends, siblings, and in regard to financial issues.

Your season is overflowing with events that will encourage your personal growth. Your ability to set appropriate limits and boundaries is your greatest test right now—but moving through each trial will bring you your biggest blessings. What is won now is more than rewarding.

Pay attention to the communication issues that arise in regards to financial issues and any restructuring your work life might need. Cancer Season will help you to pinpoint, and then cleanse, your system of a self-sabotaging pattern or two. Getting stuck in shame will be your biggest block to these lessons. The more you forgive yourself for being human, the faster you can get to learning the lessons that will unlock your self-acceptance, self-love, and self-esteem. This weather requires a deep and abiding sense of self.

Cancer Zodiac Sign

Pay attention to the feedback you get about your communication style. Cancer Season brings up issues to work through in your social circles. Get clear on the expectations that you have of others. Pay attention to the communication issues that arise within your friend groups and what information comes to you about your own healing. Cancer Season is a hotspot of career activity for you. Many professional changes are occurring, and each one marks your trajectory in an important way.

Here's How Cancer Season Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

Eclipses are filled with beginnings and endings. Whatever mark you make in your professional life will be felt for years to come. Choose wisely and with your happiness at the center of each decision. Pay attention to the communication issues that arise in your career and friend groups. Pay attention to the communication issues that arise in your professional life.

Cancer Season brings interesting news regarding a gift, grant, or a financial situation that a partner is dealing with. Whatever the issue, focus on your most precious assets: your gifts and talents. What do you need to weed out of your life in order to make more time to develop what sustains it? Pay attention to the long-term plans and goals that need your review and revisions.