March 2 leo astrology

Feeling linked to the environment, working towards the protection of the land.

So either these folk are going to be hugely confident in relationships or they suffer a total lack of ego and are attracted to egoistical peopleā€¦. Being drawn, intentionally or not, to intense emotional encounters. The importance of this star is accentuated by its nearness to the ecliptic.

Its effect is in the best sense that of Jupiter and Mars. Without a doubt, this must be the most authoritarian ascendant you can have. This is the boss no question.

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Not everyone born with this decan rising has to be typically bossy or domineeringā€¦. The above interpretations are a small sample of the rising sign section of my Leo decan eBooks. Will your future be bright? Our advisors reveal all here!

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You could come across an old friend. Perhaps you will receive an e-mail from a pal you haven't seen for a while. Or maybe you will receive a phone call from a good buddy. Take a moment and connect with your friend. You'll enjoy sharing news with each other.

Your daily horoscope: March 2

Offer updates about your romantic life and your personal adventures. Give positive feedback to each other, and be grateful for this friendship. The last few weeks have been a little too serious for your taste.

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But, this is good for you every once in a while. You may have a tendency to want to play, which sometimes prevents you from getting your work done. Take today to try and get your daily life organized so that you can have time to take care of your responsibilities and have a little fun.

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This is the end of the first stage in your "socialization,". Are you satisfied with the people you have met? You, who are a Leo, can make the most out of these encounters. But did your political savvy let you down?

Weekly Horoscope for December 2 - 8, 2019 - Gregory Scott Astrology

Did it lead you down paths where you didn't want to go? Take advantage of this pause to catch your breath and figure out where you are today, and where you want to be tomorrow. You will probably want everyone to know exactly how you feel today, and you won't be shy about expressing your emotions. Feel free to take the lead on matters, for you have the self-confidence and emotional stability to do quite well at the helm of the ship. Try not to let your mind trip over itself, however.